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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Our Background - Dr John Bergman

Me with Dr John Bergman, educator, author, chiropractor, specialist in disease reversal

This is the man who helped me make up my mind to get into this. Dr John Bergman is a Chiropractor, educator, author and probably the most studied doctor on this planet. With his all round knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nutrition he is reversing just about everything that comes into his office. Since my visit with him, i have never had a headache again, which i had been plagued with for about 30 years. Check him out on you tube.

I only associate and follow like minded people, where the goal is to educate and promote health and well-being away form the current belief system of healthcare we are being offered at the moment. In a few years time, when the truth comes out, it will be said the "dark ages of medicine are over" and the revolution will begin to treat the cause of the problem, without harmful medications.

Joe Cross - Another inspiration in my life.

This is Joe Cross and me, in Edinburgh. He made the documentary " Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead " which you can watch by clicking the link on my home page. It is very inspirational, and something you should watch and implement if you desire real health and well-being. My clients have seen amazing results by following his "Reboot" diet. It may be just the tweak to your health regime you need to get the results that you so desire. 

Let me know your thoughts after watching the video!!