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Follow the progress of a young client with a life threatening condition getting the help she deserves

Posted on 6 June, 2014 at 14:45 Comments comments (1)

I have one of my clients currently visiting with Dr John Bergman in California at the moment. She has 8 years old, and has Cerebellar Ataxia, a progressive condition, which the medical world say there is no cure, and with which they say can bring on early death in her twenties. Dr Bergman and myself have discussed this we are hopeful that after we check the nervous system, heal the gut and Dr Bergman working his magic with corrective chiropractic care, that this will be the start of recovery that will bring about a marked and significant improvement. She will be there for twenty days, and then come back home where i will continue the process started by Dr Bergman.

We like a challenge, and most illnesses and conditions can be reversed or improved using nutrition and chiropractic care, and not toxic drugs.



Here is the latest update on the girl with Ataxia.

The girl and her mum, dad, and brother flew out to Dr Bergman's practice in Huntington Beach, California just over two weeks ago.They were going out there after i convinced them this was the best hope they would have of ever making any significant improvement to her condition. The doctors here told the family she would be in a wheel chair by next year, and would die before she is twenty. There was no medication or hope offered. So when i got involved and researched her condition, i knew improvements could be made. I discussed this with Dr Bergman, as i have also been to his practice and he treated me and my wife, and since that time, the headaches that had plagued me for over 30 years have never returned, which is a totally liberating feeling. And to this day i have never taken any medication at all, or a headache.

Dr Bergman, on their first visit, conducted tests and x-rays, and diagnosed, that the full left side of her brain was not working, but still gave them hope that it would take around 18 - 24 months, but real significant changes could be made.

Well, nearly two weeks later, i received notification that Dr Bergman had posted a video of the girl and family on you tube. I was so excited that i was at last getting an update on her condition. You worry that this family have flown more than 5500 miles to a foreign country, to see someone that you have recommended to help them. They obviously had faith in me and the hope that i had offered them. But even i, after viewing the video, was surprised by the progress after only 14 days. It was amazing. Nothing short of miraculous. She looked more at peace, she could stand unaided, and her speech was much more clearer, and she even managed a few steps on her own, something she could not do before she went out.

Now with them back home the work now carries on, here in Scotland. We will get the best chiropractic care we can get for her, to continue the work started by Dr Bergman. We will heal the gut, and detoxify her, as we believe that it could have been a vaccination or antibiotic or something that caused this problem, because this condition had just came on in the last couple of years.

So stay tuned for the next instalment, as we work to give this girl back a normal childhood and life.

Click here to view the video and see the evidence yourself

Time for a lifestyle change ?

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As i meet with people, and discuss their lifestyle choices, within a few minutes they recognise the confusion that is out there, and being let down by the current health system  and the level of treatments offered.

As i introduce some new options and results from my experience, most are then willing to give it a try. 

Are you ready for a lifestyle change?

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

Let me know if i can help you.


Welcome to my new blog page

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You are welcome to type any comments or questions you like.

But let's use it to educate and promote health and well-being.