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The Benefits of Exercise & Sleep

Health Triumvirate

Exercise not only helps your immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections, it also decreases your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer.

Researchers found that the frequency of colds among people who exercised 5 or more days a week was up to 46% less than those who exercised only one day or less. That result is stunning – half the number of viral infections for those who exercised.

Researchers followed middle aged men for 26 years, and found that those who exercised vigorously lived the longest.

It truly is survival of the fittest.

Exercise lowers blood pressure, helps us to maintain ideal body weight, burns off stress hormones, keeps joints, muscles and bones healthy and improves our metabolism. Exercise lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol and helps to raise good cholesterol. It also enhances our psychological well-being through release of endorphins and makes us feel good about accomplishing a task that keeps us healthy and vital. People who exercise for 60 minutes per day at moderate intensity live an average of 3.7 years longer, and also have 3.2 years of additional disease-free life than those who do not. 

Robbing yourself of exercise or sleep is counterproductive to good health. Therefore, rather than compromising either sleep or exercise, a better approach is to look at your life and figure out what you can swap for exercise and still keep your sleep. 

As an example, many people use that 30 minute lunch to get part of their daily exercise session. Remember, even small exercise sessions of 5-10 minutes are valuable. Taking the stairs, walking fast 

on errands, and blowing through a half-hour of housekeeping can accomplish the same as going to the gym.

5 Reasons to Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Reason #1: Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Reason #2: Have More Energy

Reason #3: Avoid Sickness 

Reason #4: Feel Happy 

Reason #5: Live Longer and Better

Women are at greater risk of depression and illness because they get half as much exercise as men, researchers have found.