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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Food - The Fuel for a Healthy Body

Teaching children healthy eating

Many children consume cola, fries cooked in trans fat, cheeseburgers, doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate on a daily basis.

It is difficult for parents to understand the insidious, slow destruction of their children’s genetic potential and the foundation for serious illness that is being built by the consumption of these foods.

They don’t even contemplate that eating fast food meals may be just as risky ( or more so ) as letting their children smoke cigarettes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) regards childhood obesity as one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century.

Much has been said about the growing number of obese children. But when you look at the actual numbers, it is a frightening increase in the last decade. No generation in the history of the world has been plagued by overweight and obesity problems as much as this generation, which has grown up on fast foods, packaged foods and processed foods since the late 1990s.

Processed Foods Are DESIGNED to Be Addictive.

The truth is that any food or food product found on grocery store shelves in bags or boxes is in fact processed, as it is not in its natural form. Many of the ingredients in processed foods such as artificial colourings, preservatives and nitrites have been linked to the skyrocketing amount of obesity and cancer among the population today.

Sausages, ham, bacon and other processed meats appear to increase the risk of dying young, a study of half a million people across Europe suggests. It concluded diets high in processed meats were linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer and early deaths. ( BBC 7th March 2013 )

Another downright shocking fact is that most processed meat or food products contain animal body parts such as eyes, ears, snouts and oesophagi. If anything, this should be enough to put a person off of wanting to consume any processed food or meat products.

"After testing foods for the last few months at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs, I have arrived at a conclusion so alarming and urgent that it can only be stated bluntly.
Based on what I am seeing via atomic spectroscopy analysis of all the dietary substances people are consuming on a daily basis, I must now announce that the battle for humanity is nearly lost. The food supply appears to be intentionally designed to end human life rather than nourish it."        

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.

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