Crawford Easton 
Certified Nutritionist
Specialising in disease reversal - Live healthy, be happy 

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Reversing Disease without Drugs


We often talk about illness and disease as being something out of our control - Like we are unwilling victims of overaggressive germs and bacteria. These feelings of being vulnerable lead us to doubt the amazing capabilities of the human body not only to defend against foreign invaders but also to heal and restore health once it has been compromised. 

So, we have come to rely on prescription drugs rather than put our faith in our immune system like we should. 

The Rise of Prescription Drug Use It’s all too easy. We can eat anything we want, live a sedentary life and walk into the doctor’s office for a magic fix when we don’t feel well. The problem with this is multifaceted. In the first place, we don’t actually ever fix the problem if we keep putting a Band Aid on it. Secondly, pumping the body full of antibiotics reduces resistance. Thirdly, the chemical concoctions that we pop like candy are toxic, and the toxins accumulate over time in the body. 

So, while living a life without taking personal responsibility for our health and using a drug as the first line of defence may seem logical, it is anything but that. It is not until we truly realize that immunity is, in fact, a choice and we can do many things to boost the body’s ability to stay healthy, that we will be able to reduce our dependence on dangerous pharmaceuticals. Phytochemicals are the fuel that runs our body’s anticancer defences. A diet rich in these is the best artillery we have to fight the war on cancer. 

Studies show:

  • 20% increase in plant food intake = 20% decrease in cancer rates
  • 20%increase in cruciferous vegetable (i.e. Kale, Spinach and Watercress) intake =40%decrease in cancer rates
  • 28 servings of vegetables per week decreases prostate cancer by 33%, but just three servings of cruciferous vegetables per week decreases prostate cancer risk by 41%
  • One or more servings of cabbage per week reduces the occurrence of pancreatic cancer by 38%
  • Cruciferous vegetable are twice as powerful as other plant foods
  • Rebooting the system with a juice fast is a fantastic way to optimise your immune system and reverse disease.