Crawford Easton 
Certified Nutritionist
Specialising in disease reversal - Live healthy, be happy 

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Customer Testimonials

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Rosemary Johnstone This man has the answers. He can show you how to improve your health. I have seen the results . Truly amazing.  May 24th 2015

Hi Crawford, I'm feeling good today, virtually pain free, no stiffness and my tummy is now settling down. Everyone is seeing a big difference in me, the way I walk, the amount of things I can do, losing some weight, it's all good.
Tracy J.  01/09/2014
(Tracy has lupus, fibromyalga, & IBS, and this is two weeks after we first met )

"You have certainly given us all food for thought pardon the pun and we are glad you have shared your knowledge with us as we never knew just how much poison is actually in the foods we eat."

Margaret & Jim Bryce


"Since you took the time to check out what I have been suffering from and the food that I thought was good for me, the advice you gave has benefited me greatly. My blood pressure is excellent and over these past few weeks I have lost half a stone, this must be going in the right direction to deal with my diabetes. I feel better for the advice given to check out the ingredients in what I was actually eating. I appreciate all you have contributed to my wellbeing . We truly are what we eat! Thank you."

Updated 04/04/2014

I just wanted to let you know that the Dr is delighted with my last diabetes tests that he has halved the dosage of Metformin. Taken me off high blood pressure and cholesterol medication. My weight loss is one stone since the beginning of the year. My Parkinson's is no worse. So, great results all round! Thanks a million and I will keep to the program you set out for me.

Updated 23/07/2014
The last we met, i asked for your help with insomnia, and we looked at the last two remaining drugs i was taking, and looking at the side effects, both, listed insomnia. So GREAT news, after a discussion with my doctor, i am now drug free. First time for so many years, and now also sleeping all night, again a first for so many years. And s aide effect to this is a 2 stone weight loss. Feel as if i am turning back the clock at age 78.
I agree with Dr. John Bergman! You are the revolution and I know you will go from strength to strength because you care about people more than we care about ourselves. Thanks for caring enough not to be put off by our ignorance. 

updated 03/09/2014

Hi Crawford, I just want to add my thanks and appreciation for what you have helped me to achieve in my health issues. Life is so good now without that terrible drag we have with pain and ill health, thank you for caring.

George Sharkey 

You are the revolution!! all revolutions begin with regular people with great vision and courage, you my friend have both vision and courage!
Dr B
"Crawford You ROCK!!! We Will Change the World. God Bless you my Brother. Dr B "


Dr John Bergman, Huntington Beach, California